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Live cameras in Egypt. Live webcams Egypt online Egypt. The annual flow of tourists to Egypt is about several million people from all over the world. for a tourist destination this country is in a leading position, it is not surprising, except for the pyramids and rich ancient culture there is still a lot to offer holidaymakers, including beaches with white sand and azure sea. Attracts the attention of visitors and all the well-known Nile river which is the border between the two parts of the state. Tourists arrive mainly in Egypt, and Upper Egypt is a backward part, where there are agricultural areas. The people here possess and preserve the rural way of life, so today they are the object of ridicule. Tourism in the more developed part of the country is not a major source of the state's existence in the first place taxes on the courts and on the second the extracted oil. To see the life and culture of the two regions and compare them with each other today, you can activate on your own computer the live broadcast from the camera installed in one of the districts. Web cameras capture not only city streets, but also shops, beach area, night life, and attractions of the cities of Egypt. Online users around the world are planning future vacation, consider the country from all sides, including from the height of bird flight. Watch live streams available around the clock, all the videos are in real time, so the weather, the political situation correspond to the real. If you look closely you can see that most of the houses have no roofs, it is an amazing fact about this country. To avoid paying tax on the house the people there didn't finish the roof, because then the law building is not considered complete.

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