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City quay in Izmir is very popular among tourists and locals due to not only the comfort, livability, and beauty. Such Hiking is always going to benefit not only children but also adults. If swimming is still cool or even impossible, to breathe the sea air does not prohibit any doctor. City quay is located close to the sea, to her there is a special entrance and walkway paving. On the territory there are trash containers to keep clean and free of debris at sea, as well as benches in large volume, which helps better endure walking long distances. Really promenade in Izmir a great extent, so there is enough space. Nearby there are small restaurants and cafes where you can grab a bite after a long walk.

If you would like to get acquainted with the object closer to the web camera mounted above one of the parts of the waterfront assistant. It is aimed, therefore, to be able to more explicitly estimate the livability of the territory. The picture is broadcast in real time around the clock, you just need to have a device for video and a good connection. The camera transmits not only video but also sound, if you make it to the max to hear the sound of the sea, some of which are lacking in periods of high stress at work. The camera is shooting around the clock, but after sunset, to see something will be difficult because of the lack of quality and a concentrated light source.

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