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About webcam "Review from the TV tower" in the city Izmir

In Izmir that is located in a resort of Turkey, located tower, from which it becomes clear not only sea, but also the entire territory for several hundred kilometres along the coastal line. From this height everything seems exceptionally small, like a matchbox, however to see such a picture not everyone possible. If there is no mist over the water and the sky is particularly clean from the height of the TV tower thanks to a web camera can be a lot to see, it seems that all the Turkey you have on hand. The main advantage of this webcam is not that she delivers around the clock coverage in real time with sound, and the fact that it can be rotated. In just a few seconds you can see the endless expanse in front of him.

This is a unique opportunity for those people who don't have the opportunity to get here or just come to the country to rest. At night, the picture changes dramatically, instead of the sea and coves covered the city and a million lights of its buildings. A little camera covers the entrance to the tower and landscaped grounds around it, but completely forget about it, when your gaze is directed in the infinite vastness of the sea and rests solely in the horizon.

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