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Monument near the Resurrection Cathedral, Prince Boris was installed on this place in 2002, before they were going to celebrate the city of Borisov for 900 years. This monument was erected only in 2002, before the city celebrated its 900th. This is a monument in honor of the founder, he is located near the cathedral, in the old part of the city. It was here that the first houses appeared, when the settlement only expanded. It is known from history that Prince Boris was born in 1054. Its pedigree is related to the Rurik, who fought for Orthodoxy and tried to spread Orthodoxy everywhere, even when the majority of the population was pagans. On the throne, he ascended in 1101. The monument became the property of the city and occupied an honorable place on the Central Square. Designed by his sculptors Artimovich, Morozov and Kovalevsky. He symbolizes the difficult path of the prince and his protection by the angels. You can look at the monument without leaving your house, it is enough to have a quality connection with the network and the desire to activate the proposed round-the-clock broadcast. The survey is conducted in real time, it is available online to any network user, regardless of its location. It is better to view the camera during the day, when each object is perfectly illuminated. Broadcast can be used as an assistant, if there is a need to know what weather conditions in Borisov at the moment.

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