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In the territory of any city is the infrastructure provided by the Central square, which will be used not only for Hiking local residents, but also cultural events, in which you need the free space. In the town of Borisov, situated on the territory of Belarus has an area, its dimensions allow to collect in one place a few hundred people. to see, as well as the city as a whole, it is now possible from any point of the globe, you need only a computer and an Internet connection. If you want to watch live streams without interruption the Internet should be of high quality, but your geographical location plays no role. The Central square in Borisov is one of the most visited places, it was organized by high-quality entrance, the territory itself is equipped with facilities for tourists here. Web camera, aimed the lens at an object located at a distance, this situation is allowed to almost completely cover the area. From this perspective, the network user can get maximum of useful information. broadcast in real time around the clock, but after dark the picture quality is not changing for the better. This is because on site there is bright enough light source that would allow to efficiently illuminate the area. Despite this omission, all the time before sunset is ideal for viewing the data are transmitted promptly and may be of great help to those who are going on a trip. Webcam is the perfect companion in the study of the world, if you are not able to travel.

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