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The town of Borisov, located on the territory of Belarus, is not the main attraction of the country, but today it is widely covered through the lens of the web camera installed here. The picture quality is amazing, you can see the intersection in Gagarin Street and a small area around it. The camera is aimed at the object in such a way as to completely cover the intersection and the roadway, the pedestrian zone and some buildings around. Broadcasting is conducted around the clock, the picture is available on any continent where there is access to the Internet. From the outside it is an ordinary city facility with its individual infrastructure. The camera lens is not close to the surface, this was done so that the user had a good view. Broadcast in real time can be used to find out what is happening at the moment at the crossroads. Such an assistant allows you to quickly learn news, and also see the weather in the city. The broadcast is delivered without delay, the main thing is to have a good connection to the network.

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