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Czech Republic – a country that is one of the few strictly monitors the population of animals on its territory, and cares for those that are on the verge of extinction. Here was built a rescue station MAKOV, black storks on its territory feel comfortable enough, they allocated a large area with a meadow and pond. Seen in the wild this bird is not so easy, usually they build their nests very high, so that man is not always seen from earth. To protect the black stork from extinction in the Czech Republic the sick birds gather at the station, where they nursed and then, if possible sent back to the natural environment. On site there are other animals, for example deer, to see them you can activate another web camera. Device installed in front of the cage with storks, working around the clock, this is a unique opportunity to observe the birds to learn their habits. At night the birds go to sleep at the station the muted light and the workers disperse to their homes, and therefore the image quality becomes worse due to the lack of light. It is best to observe the birds and other animals in the daytime, when the camera transmits a perfect picture.

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