Webcam Prague - Stork's nest at the station MAKOV

About webcam "Stork's nest at the station MAKOV" in the city Prague

Not everyone in life can have the opportunity to watch and even just to see the stork's nest. With the development of new technologies and the introduction of web cameras in everyday life we got a chance to enhance the world around them, become more aware. Travel became easier, it does not need to spend their own money or to leave his home, just to have on hand a tablet or a computer. Stork's nest at the station MAKOV is possible to tell a local landmark. You can see it through there's a webcam around the clock real-time. The picture will please the user contrast and clarity, the lens is so close that we can consider the bird in the nest, and after hatching nestlings. An amazing sight, a great opportunity to own diary of a naturalist. The picture is in the public domain, to pay for viewing it is not required, regardless of the country in which you are now. Consider the power plant area in detail will not work, the lens is aimed solely at the nest and catches only a small part of the station behind him. Basically it is a green meadow with small designs. Under night photography the camera is not adjusted, therefore it is not necessary to expect from it quality of pictures after sunset.

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