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The Balaclava, which is located on the southwest side coast of the Crimea until 1957 had the status of a city. If we consider its location from an administrative point of view, the city is part of Sevastopol, but at the site it is separated from it by empty space, whose length is several kilometers. This location allows you to attract a lot of tourists arriving on the territory of Crimea. One of the main attractions of this place is the Balaklava Bay, which is considered one of the most comfortable on the black sea coast. It is much easier to moor the ship, and it was organized by the submarine base. The main feature of the Bay is that it is narrow, but somewhat deep and not affected by storms, which is not in the other bays used by man. From the sea the harbour is not visible, and all because the entrance to the Bay is not smooth and sinuous. Today we can not say that Baklava – a very popular Crimean resort that attracts tourists not only rich in history and monuments of art and nature, but also the surrounding beaches, cliffs and grottoes which can be reached by boat. The Crimean coast has always enjoyed great demand among beach lovers, today everything is here in order to qualitatively and cheaply to have a rest. If you are in doubt what to choose, you can take advantage of the Bay through a stream from a web camera. the device works in real time around the clock, you will have some free time. This is a unique opportunity to save your own money and not be disappointed on vacation. The webcam was installed so as to allow the user to obtain the maximum useful information staring at the computer screen.

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