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About webcam "Balaklava Thermal Power Plant (Sevastopol CCGT-TPP)" in Balaclava

We all use electricity, but not everyone knows exactly how the stations that produce energy look. Today you can correct this situation and just use the webcam of the Balaklavskaya TPP (Sevastopol PGU-TPP) in the city of Balaclava. This camera is located directly in front of the station and invites you to personally see how the various sources of energy are created. Of course, the development process itself is unlikely to be available to you, since the station design is quite large, and the camera itself is located quite far from this place. Therefore, you can simply observe how this station looks like, how cars pass under it along the road and what beautiful open spaces surround this place. Not a lot of details, but the atmosphere is quite pleasant.

The webcam of Balaklavskaya TPP (Sevastopolskaya PGU-TPP) in the city of Balaklava is located on a hill, which is located near the station. Given the proximity and density of the trees under the camera, it is still installed somewhere in the forest. But your eyes should not be directed at this place, but at the station itself. Just see how huge it is and how much space it takes. If you look closely, you can immediately see the power transmission poles on the north side, which transport electricity to the city. If we make a hasty conclusion, the station is not so large compared to the world giants and it works solely on the traditional technology of using coal. But, nevertheless, its power is enough.

The webcam of Balaklava TPP (Sevastopol CCGT-TPP) in the city of Balaklava will be a unique option just to watch the expanses and performance of the power station. You can join the stream at any time and simply enjoy the views available. We especially recommend looking at it at night, when the station is covered with a whole layer of versatile illumination. Considering that there are no objects around at all, the lighting of the station will look especially original. Enjoy your viewing and you are in a great mood!

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