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Russia has always been famous not only spaces, but also the beauty and variety of landscapes which you can see on its territory. A special beauty in Balaclava, where every year hundreds of tourists come to enjoy the pleasures of the natural terrain. One of the attractions of this place is the Cape Aiya , from which a clear view of the water surface for several hundred kilometers. The Cape Aya today it is possible to see not only after arrival in Russia, but also from the screens of your computer, regardless of where you yourself are. Modern technological advances have allowed to travel to other countries in a matter of seconds, enough to have at hand a device for receiving a video signal and an Internet connection. Web camera installed in front of the sights opens up to a beautiful view of Cape Aya, it is possible to estimate the benefits of recreation in the area. The picture shows not only the Cape, but the area around it, including the sky and sea surface, making it easy in real time to identify the weather conditions now in Balaklava. Despite the fact that the device is working during the day, at night the picture is much worse. This is because in the Cape there is not enough light to the object to illuminate from all sides so that it is qualitatively visible in the gloom of night. In the rest of the day, everyone on the network can as it is necessary to consider the territory of the Cape and the surrounding area.

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