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Belbek Canyon (Belbek or Albat Gate) is a section of a narrowing of the Crimean Belbek River between the village of Kuibyshevo and the village of Tankovoe, where the river crosses the inner ridge of the Crimean Mountains. The length of the canyon is 5 km, the sides are 65-70 m high, the width at the narrowest point is 300 m. The canyon was formed due to the process of water erosion that occurred in the split laid in a deep crack in the chalk limestones and marls of the cuesta of the Inner Ridge of the Crimean Mountains. Forms of weathering on the slopes of the Belbek canyon.

The Belbek Canyon is of great scientific importance. Its natural geological section serves to study the stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous and the lower Paleogene of Crimea. Blurred by the river, Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene rocks are exposed. Downstream, deposits of Turonian (white limestones and marls) and Danish (gray limestones and sandstones with characteristic fauna) of Upper Cretaceous longlines are well traced, followed by Montan limestones, marls and sandstones of the Tanetian Paleocene longlines, and also clay of the Lower Eocene. The entire section is characterized by a large number of fossil fauna. Belbek canyon from the Kuibyshevo settlement.

On the slopes of the canyon grow rocky and fluffy oaks, hawkers, dogwood, dog rose, holding a tree. On one of the south-western slopes (the left bank of Belbek) there is a relict yew grove of 2,000 trees, which by the decision of the Crimean regional executive committee in 1980 was declared a protected object of local significance. In 1975, by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR, the Belbek Canyon was declared a nature sanctuary of national importance.

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