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Ushakov square in the Leninsky district. One of the oldest squares of the city, arose in the eighteenth century was Originally called the Fountain, then Theatrical, 1885 - world's largest square, with 1921 square of the Commune. October 15, 1954 was renamed the square Ushakov.

Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov (1744-1817) - Russian naval commander, Admiral. In 1766, he graduated from the Naval cadet corps. Served in the Baltic fleet, the Azov flotilla, since 1783 on the Black sea: he watched the construction of ships in Kherson, participated in the construction of black sea fleet base - Sevastopol. In 1789, Ushakov was promoted to rear-Admiral, and in 1790 was appointed commander of the black sea naval fleet.

Under his command the black sea fleet defeated the Turkish fleet in battles in the Kerch Strait, Tendra and Cape Kaliakra. 1793 Vice-Admiral. In the Mediterranean campaign of 1798-1800 took possession of the Ionian Islands, including highly protected island of Corfu. However, the merits of Ushakov have not been evaluated by Tsar Alexander I, who at the end of the Mediterranean campaign of Admiral had appointed to the minor post of chief commander of the Baltic rowing fleet and chief of naval command in St. Petersburg, and then was fired resigned.

March 3, 1944 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR established the military order of Ushakov of two degrees and the medal of Ushakov.

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