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The most popular places for a beach holiday Turkey and Egypt and not only because they can offer clean sea and white sand, but low prices and high quality service. The only disadvantage of such tourism may be an excessive influx of guests, when there is no place to sit on the beach and you have to look for a more secluded place for a comfortable rest. Croatia is not inferior in beauty to any other country that has access to the sea. People come here with great wealth, the quality of such tourism is always at a high level.

Rate the embankment with beaches can any user of the network completely free, if it activates the broadcast on your computer. The video is fed to the network in real time, you can watch it online, but for this you need to have a stable connection to the Internet. In Croatia, a large area is occupied by beaches, the city administration monitors their cleanliness and order, which is why the rest here is always calm, measured and comfortable. All the benefits that nature gives man, in this country are used carefully and with gratitude.

There are coastlines, the projections of which go far into the sea. You can see the embankment with beaches by activating the broadcast presented on this page, the quality of shooting and the brightness of the colors will delight you. So that people around the world could appreciate the benefits of the beaches in the Croatian city Bol, a web was installed at a bird's eye view camera, broadcast from it is fed to the network around the clock, only at night the picture is darkened due to the lack of night mode.

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