Webcam Albertville - Mountain village of Les Arcs at an altitude of 1950 meters

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About webcam "Mountain village of Les Arcs at an altitude of 1950 meters" in Albertville

The world is full of amazing places, each of which has personal characteristics and sometimes offers not the simplest conditions for survival. And if at first it may seem that the mountain peak may be lifeless and dark, then one should not rush to conclusions, as the situation may turn out to be radically different. For example, on the expanses of France there is the town of Albertville, which is located at an altitude of 1950 meters from sea level. Do you think that this is impossible? It's enough just to launch our new broadcast and see for yourself personally. Yes, it is difficult to call this small town a small town, but nevertheless it is quite large and incredibly beautiful. Now you can watch online the central square of the village, which is famous for its good inhabitants and incredible landscapes.

The first thing I want to note is that there is always snow in this place and local residents actively use this kind of snow. They decorate the buildings with bright flashlights and remade the village to the style of a fabulous place. Therefore, the people there are always happy and affable, try to give a holiday to everyone who comes here to relax. Beautiful houses are full of modern architecture, which is endowed with aesthetic beauty. Through the windows you can see that low temperatures do not threaten the residents, as the houses are cozy and warm.

And in the heart of the village there is a Christmas tree with pleasant ornaments, and it complements the whole picture of the village nicely. Due to the modest size, you can always watch active residents who like to dance or organize some fun. In general, it is possible to observe such a thing with great pleasure. A pleasant moment is that the camera shows different angles, so the impressions will be many times greater. Enjoy watching!

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