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Discover the sheltered and calm waters of this small horseshoe-shaped bay, framed by rocky promontories and fringed by a shallow golden sandy beach. Swim, diving and kayaking, in fact, the city has a lot of entertainment. Take a stroll through the iron footbridge at the end of Pointe-Atalaya to Roche-de-la-Vierge, named after the white statue of a Virgin and Child standing on this spectacular rocky promontory. Visit the nearby museum de la Mer and enjoy delicious seafood at the picturesque port of Pecker. Or you can simply enjoy the panorama from a height to the city, which opens with a web camera installed there. The device works around the clock, video can be deployed to full screen and enjoy the picture at any time. online broadcast is delivered to the network in real time. You can see Milady's beach, where you can easily relax in silence.

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