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This city has long been inhabited, and in the seventeenth century, people urged everyone in the therapeutic merits of sea bathing. A special kind here opens on the rocks on the coast and extreme surfing, which is very popular with visiting tourists. The lighthouse of the Lighthouse awaits you with an exceptional panorama: the cliffs of Basta and Virgo, beaches, fishing port, Municipal casino, Bellevue, tamarisk and hydrangea, Cote de Landes and Pyrenees and beaches of Spain. It is also a famous beach for surfing. Iarritz is a city with beautiful beaches, especially for surfers and this is one of the reasons why there are so many. The natural peaks of the rocks look like observation platforms that illuminate the entire area around. In the ocean with powerful waves Biarritz has a place for everyone, known throughout the world. Biarritz gives you wonderful places to relax, where you can enjoy the sun and waters of the Atlantic Ocean. See and appreciate the beauty of local beauty can be through the lens of a web camera, and this will help you in this online broadcast.

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