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Earlier we already noted that France is famous for its pleasant and interesting spaces, which can be seen through the use of cameras with remote access. This time we were able to find out about the town called Gustavia, which although not so spacious and big, but nevertheless belongs to the category of beautiful cities, resort destination, which is located on the edge of France and simply allows you to enjoy every moment of observation. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this town, because it is quite interesting and attractive. And this time we propose you just to observe the airfield of the town, which has no wide expanses, but has a fairly large frequency of flights. It is necessary to understand that the airfield is a small space for flights, which can receive and send not so large airplanes. Therefore, it can be concluded that the aerodrome is intended exclusively for domestic flights across Europe and no more. The camera is located strictly opposite the airfield, so the lens gets almost the entire territory together with the runway. Therefore, you can observe the available space and activity of aircraft. This picture offers much more variety of possibilities and can become a basis for a pleasant pastime. In principle, there are not so many details, but, nevertheless, the general picture of the airfield offers good impressions and a beautiful space for observation. We decided that the airfield is an important part of the city, so we did not miss this object. Now you just need to use our camera and just find some free time. Therefore, we suggest that you just start acting and enjoy the pleasant spaces. You will be at least surprised and satisfied.

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