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если трансляция не началась, выберите ее в верхнем левом углу

About webcam "Seaport" in Gustavia

We continue to closely monitor the city called Gustavia and try to choose certain camera options that will surely provide a pleasant pastime. This time you will have the opportunity to simply enjoy the game process, start to actively act and just get ready to watch how the seaport looks. Previously, we have already offered you to spend your free time watching the private space of yachts. Now we offer a look at a fairly large port, which attracts to its expanses a large number of ships of very different formats. This port is mainly used by fishermen and small cargo vehicles. The main advantage of this review will be the opportunity to observe the activity of the seaport. The camera is located in such a way that users have the opportunity to simply observe the parking and try to actively use and a spacious long distance where the ships moor. Considering that the port works constantly, you will personally observe all available activity and simply apply all the different and interesting possibilities in terms of using the new survey. By the way, on the horizon of the viewed territory you can see part of the city, which perfectly complements the picture with new details. Now it remains only to find some free time and begin to closely monitor all available options of the viewed territory. It will be enough just to have a good time and try to enjoy the new picture. We are sure that this pastime will be something more for you than simple observation by ships. This place has a wide range of small parts, which must be paid personal attention. We wish you good luck!

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