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The promenade du Paillon, which is located in nice France, the perfect place for Hiking in the evening when the sun is tired your heat. It is almost always crowded, I love coming here not only tourists but also local residents who do not hide their love of country and nature, which she gives them. In turn, people tried to elevate what is already given, the waterfront area is paved with brick tiles, there are numerous benches for those who are tired. If you've always wanted to go to nice, but was unable to do so, you have a unique opportunity to rectify the situation without extra costs. Today on the territory of the city established a web camera, a picture of the clock in real time. You see what you are doing at the moment, the people on the other end of the globe and realize how many opportunities have presented you with technical progress. The device does not completely cover the waterfront, but this is enough to be able to appreciate the beauty and excellence of this place. At night the city starts to live a completely different life, as the considered object. More and more people go for a walk, light up the neon lights, the lights along the promenade and the webcam begins after sunset to broadcast a completely different picture.

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