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The sea on the territory of France, enjoys no less popular with tourists than Turkey, Spain and other countries, but it has a zest that you can feel coming here. If to get tangible sensations, you need to buy a ticket to nice, to visually enjoy the picture of the beach is enough to turn stream is installed, then the web camera. A dock at the coast is very popular with tourists, some come here to walk, others to dive, and some even fishing. From the shore it is several tens of meters out to sea, the best place to enjoy the sunset or sunrise and not figure out how and the place from which you can make unique images. Device installed in front of the pier, it completely captures the frame. Thanks to a web camera that broadcasts a picture on the entire world in real time, you will always know what the weather at sea, evaluate the height of the waves and will be able to plan your day with other things, if they're not satisfied. With the onset of dusk is particularly beautiful and to see it all now you no extra expenses, just enough to turn on the camera. When the sun goes down completely, becoming nothing is visible, and all because in this area the beach is not quite the light sources. In some cases, the frame can get floating on the water the ship.

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