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The Church was founded in 1250 by the seven original members of the order of servite has. In 1252, a painting of the Annunciation, begun by one of the monks but abandoned in despair because he did not feel that he could create a beautiful enough image, was supposedly completed by an angel while he slept. This picture was placed in the Church and became so venerated that in 1444 the Gonzaga family from Mantua financed a special tribune. Michelozzo, who was the brother Service earlier, was commissioned to build it, but since Lлюдовик 3 admired Summer Battista Alberti in 1469 this last architect received a Commission. Projects Alberti was compressed already existing bases. Construction was completed in 1481 after the death of Alberti. Although the structure was renovated in the Baroque style in the seventeenth century, the basic scheme of a domed circular space, surrounded by altar niches is still evident. The facade of the Church was added in 1601 by the architect Giovanni Battista Caccini, imitating the Renaissance style of the façade of Brunelleschi in the Mobile hospital, which defines the Eastern side of the square. The building opposite the Hospital-Raising, designed by Sangallo the Elder, was also given Brunelleschi facade in 1520-ies. To examine in detail the temple complex of the Santissima Annunziata through in front of his webcam. Online stream available to each user.

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