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Sulmona is a city and a commune in the province of Aquila in Abruzzo, Italy. It is located in Valle Pelinha, on a plateau once occupied by a lake that disappeared in prehistoric times. In ancient times it was one of the most important cities of Paelini and is known as the hometown of Ovid, who in Piazza has a bronze statue located along the main road of the city, named after him. Sulmona was one of the main cities of Peligna, where an independent tribe lived, but this was not known in history until the Roman conquest. Tradition is mentioned by Ovid and Celia Italica. The first mention of Sulmona occurs in the Second Punic War, when its territory was devastated by Hannibal in 211 BC, which, however, did not attack the city itself. His name was not noticed during the social war in which Paeligny played such a prominent role, but, according to Florus, he was seriously injured during the ensuing civil war between Sulla and Guy Marius, which was destroyed first as punishment for loyalty to his rival. The writings of this writer are not taken literally, and it is more likely that Sulmo was confiscated and his lands, designated by Sulla, for his soldiers. In all cases it is said that Sulmo was a well-populated and significant city in 49 BC, when he was occupied by Domitocide Calvin with a garrison of seven cohorts, but citizens who were prone to Julius Caesar opened their gates to their lieutenant M. Antonius, as soon as he introduced himself. The modern Central Square can be seen through the lens of the web camera installed there. The picture is clear and is available online.

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