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On the territory of the city of Vilnius there are 65 churches, to which, in one way or another, adjoin the square. The Cathedral Square is one of the attractions of this place. It as a part of historical heritage is popular with the local population and tourists. The square has its own, individual architecture and developed infrastructure. It is suitable for several central streets, pavement paths. It is a flat area with a special atmosphere, on which young people gather. You can see it from a webcam, which is a bit far from the surface, so that the lens can almost completely cover the object. The webcam is working around the clock, the picture is available to Internet users in real time. With a quality connection to the Internet, you can see online, what happens on the square. For travelers, the broadcast can become an assistant, which allows you to plan your trip in advance and see the weather conditions in the city. Video is broadcast in real time, with a good connection to the network, there are no interruptions.

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