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Vilnius is one of the largest cities in Lithuania, which, among other things, is also its capital. Speaking of the Baltic countries, this is the second largest city in terms of size. Vilnius is the seat of the main state institutions of Lithuania. It is classified as the global city of Gamma in accordance with the GaWC research, in addition, it is famous for its sights and architecture. During its existence, the city was greatly influenced by the Jewish population, this is one of the reasons why it was called the "Jerusalem of Lithuania", and Napoleon called it "the Jerusalem of the North" when it was held here in 1812. In 2009, the city was recognized as the cultural center of Europe . Almost half of Vilnius is covered with green areas, such as parks, squares, nature reserves. In addition, there are numerous lakes here, where in summer the residents and tourists come to bathe. Thirty lakes and 16 rivers cover 2.1% of the Vilnius area, some of which have sandy beaches. Concerts, festivals and exhibitions are held in the Bernardine garden, near the Gediminas tower. The annual Vilnius Marathon runs along public paths on the banks of the Neris River, the green zone next to the White Bridge is another popular area where you can enjoy the good weather that has become the venue for several musical and major events. The Cathedral Square in the Old Town is surrounded by a number of historical sights of the city. The Lukiškės square is the largest, limited by several government buildings: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, the Ministry of Finance, the Polish Embassy and the Museum of Genocide Victims, where the KGB tortured and killed numerous opponents of the communist regime. The huge statue of Lenin in the center was removed in 1991. Panorama from the height opens before the user an amazing and unique view of the city from a bird's-eye view. A webcam with a 24-hour online broadcast and the ability to deploy video to the full screen - the opportunity to get to know this wonderful place remotely.

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