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The market of Khales is not only one of the best, but also the oldest in Vilnius. Local people go there at least twice a week for various reasons, but spend most of the time choosing vegetables from local farmers or delicious buns from the Preso bakery. However, this is just a small amount of things that you can find in this market. Here, a large number of products are offered, such as fruits, meat, fish, nuts, spices, fresh juice or other table treats. In addition, there are a bunch of clothes and shoe stores. There are also several places on the market where you can have a snack, definitely remember Beigelistai - the best place for baking bagels. Even if you are not looking for anything specific, you will never leave this market empty-handed. You can see and evaluate from the market side and remotely, but in real time. To do this, a web camera was installed opposite the object, directed and configured in such a way that users could receive reliable and timely information from the first mouth.

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