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In the north of the Netherlands is a wonderful city called Groningen. If we talk about its size, then it is considered one of the largest in this area. Few people know that Groningen is called the city of students, in which at the moment, lives and learns about 50 thousand students. In historical records, the first mention of this city dates back to 1040, in fact people began to live here much earlier and this is evidenced by archaeological finds. In the thirteenth century the city became a large commercial center, it influenced the surrounding area. You can see the object from a height through the web camera installed here. Panorama from the height opens an amazing view of the streets and houses. In the pre-dawn hours and at the time of sunset, especially bright and colorful pictures are opened before the user. The webcam works around the clock, access to it is completely free. The picture is launched in any part of the world, where there is a stable access to the Internet. The device does not have a night shooting mode, but the shooting quality is good, the illuminated streets in the night are beautifully viewed.

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