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Having been in solitary and inactive metahs, it's time to correct the situation and this time you will have the opportunity to go to the town of Groningen to the Grote Markt square. If you are interested in features and details, we hasten to note that this area belongs to the Netherlands and now each user has the opportunity to have a good time and enjoy excessively increased activity of people. This area is known for its cyclists, who constantly cross it and can even hire one of the bicycles. Therefore it is no wonder, then there are quite a lot of them and there are for every taste. Do not overlook the fact that the prevalence of architecture links modern buildings and one historic building, which looks very unusual. And on the right and at all a small industrial territory is represented. By the way, an old elevator enters the frame, which simply did not fit into the camera lens. Another interesting side is the small market on the left, which stretches out on most of the site and is full of different colors. Do not overlook the observation deck, climbing on which you can observe the whole activity of the square. In general, now you will have the opportunity to have a good time and just enjoy every moment and element of the square. Do not worry, the camera can spin and provides an opportunity to cover most of the place. Now in your piggy bank there will be another town, which probably will please with its interesting open spaces. To look here is what, the main thing is to gather your thoughts and prepare personal attention. We are confident that you will achieve the desired result. It remains only to find a little time and you can enjoy the expanses. We wish you good luck and good mood!

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