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In the town of Georgini, Romania, one of the most beautiful and most famous balneological resorts in Europe - Sovata - is located. There was Sovata in the place of ancient salt mines. Even the ancient Romans excavated rectangular pits with a depth of up to 15 meters, which were gradually filled with water and became lakes. Lake Roshu (Laku-Rosu) in Sovata is remarkable in that it is the only one of the seven helio-thermal reservoirs that are here, which was formed naturally - as a result of the collapse of the rocks. As Laku-Rosh looks, you can see on this page in real time.

A webcam with a view of Lake Roshu in the resort of Sovata (Romania) shows around the clock the place of concentration of the main part of the holidaymakers. In the field of view of the camera, in addition to the pond, there is a small but well-equipped embankment, a cafe and a marina with small boats that the guests of the resort can rent. Sometimes tourists enter the lens, making walks along the embankment. In the background is an evergreen thick coniferous forest.

The camera is fixed to the lighting column. From this perspective, the main part of the resort of Sovata near Lake Roshu is perfectly visible. Live webcast from this webcam starts automatically.

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