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About webcam "The fountain in the Leningrad street" in Hurzuf

The fountain is always an indescribable spectacle that you can watch without stopping. No wonder one of the philosophers said that you can endlessly watch as the fire burns, water flows, and the child sleeps. Fountain on Leningradskaya street in Gurzuf town – the sight of these places, which gathers in the summer heat a huge number of tourists and locals. Webcam completely covers the object, and together with it and the surrounding area. Here you can find a bench for relaxing, a covered area, so people come here to ride bikes and roller skates. The webcam takes a picture in real time, so if someone from the family is now near the fountain, you are sure to see them. In addition to video, the device delivers the sound, so you don't just see what is happening, but also hear. Thanks to the webcam you will be able to visit this place, not having real opportunities or time for the trip.

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