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The city of Nevelsk, which is located on the territory of Russia, is not a cultural or historical center of the country, but its territory is inhabited by people and a relaxed atmosphere. Most people today are thinking about moving to a more calm and small city, especially after a long stay in the city. You can get acquainted with many cities without leaving home, on their territory were installed a web camera. one of them covers the Central area of the Nevelsk, there is a space where I love most to spend time with people. Most often in this area, are major city events, its dimensions allow it to accommodate the majority of citizens. The webcam works around the clock, to see what was happening on the square or just to see its architecture from your computer screen or phone. In the night time half of the square remains without lighting, so the picture becomes difficult to distinguish anything in detail. The best time to view the video after the break of dawn.

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