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Now on the Internet you can get acquainted with almost any city on the world map on their site has installed a webcam that broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time. It concerns the cities of Europe and Russia and other countries. In Nevelsk, which is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, too, is some means to get acquainted not only with the streets and a familiar situation, but the main monuments, administrative buildings. Web camera covers the image the city administration of the city of Nevelsk, it demonstrates not only the overall design of the structure, but also lots of loungers in front of him. The device works throughout the day, just at nightfall, it becomes difficult to see everything happening on the screen due to the lack of light source. This is a unique opportunity without leaving home to see how look the city, which takes place in its territory. The city administration is one of the main objects of Nevel'sk, near it not infrequently held events and rallies, which now can be watched from the screen of your computer.

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