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According to Wikipedia: the Steller sea lion (lat. Eumetopias jubatus, mn. h sea lions) — the largest representative of the family of eared seals. Like all members of the family, to sea lions, the animals with pronounced sexual dimorphism. The sizes of Mature males vary in the range of 300-350 cm, and weight ranges from 500 to 1000 kg. Females are smaller than males, their body length reaches up to 260 cm and weight is on average 350 kg of Such differences in size closely linked with the social organization of the species and with the strategies of the life cycle. All eared seals form rookeries during the breeding season only on the shores of Islands or coastal Keturah, and only sometimes celebrated on the ice, where they lie to rest. Moreover, sea lions are characterized by a strong attachment to a certain region. This is reflected by the fact that sea lions migrate relatively short distances and at this time still remain tied to the land.

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