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In the territory of each city is strategically important object, without which to imagine the life within it is simply impossible. These objects include the bus station, pass through the transport, people can come and go from the settlement. Usually the bus stations are arranged overall architecture, their territory always has a waiting area for entrance and Parking bus transportation, Parking for private cars, ticket office, toilet and benches. To see the bus station in Perm today with the screen your computer or phone, the important thing is to have stable connection to the Internet. Installed there is a web camera at the beginning was used as a means of extra security, today broadcast out to the network and has General access. Webcam working around the clock in real time, all get through it the information is accurate and operational. The lens device are directed to a waiting room, and the camera is indoors. The station operates around the clock, so look at the bus terminal the user can at any time convenient to him. If you look at the video you can see that in the room waiting room there is nothing superfluous, the space is filled with benches for waiting for the bus people. The camera cannot see the total architecture of the building, only inside and in a clearly predetermined position. A web camera is not rotated, the user always sees only one side of the hall. To activate the stream can be anywhere in the world, if you enlarge the picture you can even see the people inside.

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