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Not only in cities of European countries and the major resorts of the world interesting to watch, for the overall development you can take a virtual journey to Russia from one city to another. In large cities and small settlements are established in a growing number of web cameras broadcast from the serving network absolutely free for all users of the network. Devices operate round the clock and are a source of timely and accurate information. This stream is from the camera installed on the territory of the city Perm, its lens focused on the Central area and almost completely covers the object. Almost every town has such a space, which is specially beautified for holding mass cultural and political events. The city authorities require landscape architects to responsibly approached the question of the organization of the object. With the broadcast, which you can watch anywhere in the world, visible to the whole area. The camera position was chosen so that the user has obtained a lot of useful information. if you want to see the object in an enlarged size on the player has the opportunity to expand the picture to full screen. In front of you at a glance the Central area, its main figure was the monument, around it are placed other objects, all of them at night illuminated. Camera perfectly shows the picture and after sunset, the area is a striking installation that interesting to see in the dark.

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