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Than famous city of Pyatigorsk? Most of you will say that market prices because here a dozen nearby towns people seek to purchase low-cost things. In Pyatigorsk, a huge wholesale market that is always crowded with people, but it is not the only attraction on site. If you want to get to know the city better, but you don't have time for this webcam, installed on site will be able to solve the problem. One of the devices was installed on Lenin square, this vast territory which includes almost all public events. Here, as a rule, winter is the city Christmas tree, here to celebrate that Victory and all thanks to the fact that the square can accommodate several hundred people. This is a great platform if you just got up on the rollers and learn to ride them, space enough not to interfere with their friends. Here often are fans of Cycling, but not simple, and sports. They train some tricks, brag to each other with new achievements. Around the square there is a small Park area for those who just want to relax in peace after a working week. The webcam, mounted in front of the object that broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time, so you will always have the latest information. At night something difficult to discern due to the lack of sufficient light, but it is not so important, because the square is empty.

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