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In the territory of each, not even big city has a Central market where you can buy different categories of products. It is very convenient, because there is no need to travel around the city and spend their time and money on travel. In Pyatigorsk the market too, come here for shopping not only locals, but people come from other cities, that's not expensive to buy goods in bulk. This is beneficial given the cost of some range of things. Recent progress in the development of new technologies that humanity relies on for successful in different areas, allowed us to take a virtual trip around the world, without the time and financial costs. To any users on the network can see the Central market in Pyatigorsk, in its territory were installed webcam, the image is served to the Internet absolutely for free. Video from the camera is fed into the grid around the clock, to stream fed without interruption, it is sufficient to have a quality connection to the network. The device helps to prompt and useful information, it can be used remotely to review the infrastructure market. The camera was set so that as close to the object in question, the only way the user can see his log in details. The webcam helps to know what is currently happening on the illuminated object, it is available. At night the market looks completely different, but near the entrance of the market movement is active, and light enough to web camera snatched their dark silhouettes of cars or passers-by. To study the market territory after its discovery, from this angle you can see available Parking spaces before the entrance to its territory.

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