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On the territory of Pyatigorsk transport interchange, which efficiently help to unload the track from a large stream of cars. The construction of such facilities allowed us to improve the city's infrastructure and allowed us to get rid of traffic jams during the period of active traffic. Road junction in Pyatigorsk is now removed lens web cameras the city administration gave its approval for free use of video to improve the quality of life of local residents. To have more useful information about the object, over it, with a properly sized position was set the webcam stream which is fed into the Internet around the clock, without interruption. To view the camera it does not matter what country you are in, it is sufficient that you have on hand was a device capable of reproducing a signal and transmit it to the screen. Web camera lets you know the weather conditions on the covered section of the road, the traffic flow and gives the other, not less useful information. The advantage of such virtual travel is no need to spend your cash on the road to study the characteristics of the road in the scene. A web camera aimed at the roadway to include curb, defined here by a sign. Survey is conducted around the clock, after dark, the picture quality changes, on change clear comes image is a little blurred, all because the road is poorly lit. Despite the lack of quality of the light source, a screen can be considered a transport stream which is moving at the road junction in the city of Pyatigorsk. Webcam helps the user to get fresh and timely information regarding the quality of the road and of accidents on lit roads.

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