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Веб камера Большой мост через реку Волга
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About webcam "The big bridge across the Volga river" in Saratov

Volga is a great river which flows through Saratov and gives him a lot of opportunities and enjoyment. In addition to fishing and beautiful nature, which you can enjoy outside of the city on the banks of the river, then you can go on a river tram, swim, look at the cargo ships. Huge width of the river divides two districts of the city, they are connected to each other via a bridge. The big bridge over the Volga river is used by both cars and buses to cross. Its design is striking in its beauty and scope, it is certainly not the largest bridge built by mankind, but once on it you feel the scale of the idea Creator. This is one of the most unique places in Russia, if you go to visit the city, be sure to visit, and if you have no such possibility, then we suggest you to activate an online stream from the web camera installed and aimed at the bridge. This stream gives you real-time to see the building to appreciate its size without leaving home. the webcam works in real time, the picture is fed into the grid around the clock. Any user of a network, without spending a penny of their own budgets can use the video and activate it when it suits him. The device does not have NightShot mode, but the bridge isn't closed after dark, so there really will be something to see. After sunset its territory is actively illuminated by lanterns and illuminated to drivers seen on the road. It is an amazing spectacle that web the camera pulls out from the darkness and to users worldwide. For some this is a unique opportunity to see what would never be located within the availability.

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