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If you look to the Saratov, it becomes clear that its territory used to global. It can be said by looking at its streets that are much wider than in many cities of Russia, is a huge area, and the buildings tend upwards. There are in objects, which particularly attract attention and are constantly hearing from local residents, for example, Lenin square. it is really a vast area, which often hosts cultural and political events because it can accommodate many people and not create the stampede. Area is constantly monitored, so that it was clean, quiet and the locals can spend it with a fun personal time after school or work. The object can be seen today not only personally visit visit the territory of the city, but on the screen of your own computer, no matter where you are. Across the square were installed a web camera without a night mode, so even despite the fact that the picture is fed into the grid around the clock, after sunset it becomes less clear and some details of the events become visible. In the rest of the day any user for free can activate the video and watch what happens at the facility. The webcam works around the clock to activate the broadcast no matter your location, it is enough to have a quality connection to the Internet. The device is a source of timely and reliable information, the video enters the network completely free of charge and for some, it is a great opportunity to make a virtual journey to another city, see the features of its main objects, to assess the advantage of proximity. The recording quality is excellent, but the camera is not able to move from side to side, so the shot is always in one direction only.

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