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On the Soviet street, behind the monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, the Kazan Monastery was recently renovated. But the city of Tambov can boast not only this but also the Square of Music, as well as the presence of other beautiful and unique buildings and places, such as Aseev Palace on the river bank (now a sanatorium), a 50-column store building on Sovetskaya Street and many others. Modern buildings also look very beautiful, as well as parks and the embankment of the Tsna River. Tambov is associated with the names of poets Derzhavin, Zhemchuzhnikov, Baratynsky, diplomat Chicherin, composers Rachmaninov, Agapkin, Verstovsky and other outstanding people of Russia. As a cultural center, Tambov often welcomes theater and music festivals. Various exhibitions are held in the Tambov Picture Gallery and the Museum of Local History, which are located near the city park. Currently, Tambov is an industrial center, but the number of plants is rapidly declining. In Tambov there are two universities, many colleges and schools. You can get acquainted with this amazing city through the lenses of the webcams installed there. This broadcast goes to the Square of Music, the video is broadcast around the clock on-line.

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