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The main square of the city of Tambov is the Lenin square, but the inhabitants call it "Lenin Square", often forgetting or not knowing its official name. It is located on the International street at the intersection with Karl Marx street. All these city-forming objects located in the central part of the city still have the names of the Soviet period, although they once had different names. Both streets are perpendicular to each other on the north side of the square, they do not intersect in the south, forming an angle of 78 degrees on the east side and an angle of 102 degrees in the west. The square stretches along the International Street and is actually centered on it, and the carriageway of Karl Marx Street is considered its western border. The international street passes almost the entire territory in parallel and divides the city into roughly equal northern and southern regions. The length of the International street is 1830 meters. It is not a highway and extends from the western side of Sovetskaya Street in the east and (in front of the Tambov Musical Pedagogical Institute named after SV Rakhmaninov) to the railway station in the west. Most of the street is a horizontal section, located at a numerical level of 124 meters above sea level. However, its western part is uphill and ends in front of the railway station at an altitude of almost 140 meters. Thus, the total height difference on opposite sides of the street is 16 meters. Continuing the geometric characteristics of the street, we note that its width can be divided into two parts. A shorter but wider section is located close to Sovetskaya Street. The narrower part begins with Lenin Square and goes to the west. In the first section of the street - 90 meters wide, and the second - 70 meters wide.

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