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Веб камера Тамбов Французский сквер, панорама

About webcam "French square, panorama" in Tambov

Tambov - one of the oldest Russian cities, built in 1636 as a fortress to protect the place from the Crimean Tatars. Roman Boborykin was the first governor of the province. At the beginning of the 18th century, Tambov lost its role as a fortress and became an administrative center. In 1781 Tambov received his emblem - a beehive and three bees on a blue and green background. The emblem reflected the ancient occupation of people - making honey. If you are interested in the attractions of Tambov, it is better to first visit the Cathedral Square. This is the place where the fortress was laid. In the center of the square is a memorial complex with the Eternal Flame. This is a special place to celebrate the heroism of people in the Great Patriotic War. Currently, Tambov begins with the railway station, facing the beginning of the street International. Lenin Square is the central square of the city. Here you can see the Pushkin Library and the Drama Theater. On the contrary, there is a modern white building in the dramatic theater - the seat of our regional administration. Not far from Lenin Square is the Concert Hall. The French square with a large history is also popular, the panorama is opened from a webcam installed on one of the buildings opposite. The object gets into the lens almost completely, a great opportunity to get to know the city remotely. Broadcast round the clock and available online.

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