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The city itself has on its territory a huge number of monuments of culture, attractions, must-see after coming here. On the contrary the most remarkable objects throughout the city today have a web camera that allows you to broadcast to the whole world high quality picture from the event. one of such places is a fountain in the Moscow area, where I like to come not only locals, but also visitors. This place is the fact that the city administration has tried to organize a territory for its inhabitants not sparing of ideas and resources. If you look closely it is impossible not to see the picture numerous flower beds, walkway paving, and the center of the square. In the summer heat here is going to a huge number of local residents, it helps to spend time pleasantly and to survive the heat. Here installed benches for those who want to enjoy the warmth outdoors. In the frame of the webcam gets Parking for cars, specially equipped near the area. The device operates around the clock, video on the Internet is transmitted without interruption, but after nightfall it is difficult in fine detail to distinguish the silhouettes of people. The device does not have NightShot mode, but due to the remoteness of the shaded areas of the square, where there are no lights, unavailable to the viewer.

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