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Tver differs from most Russian cities wide streets, which always moves a large traffic flow, but traffic jams are rare. This is a great place for permanent residence, despite densely populated in Tver feel free, so people from other parts of the country come here for permanent residence. If earlier to get acquainted with the peculiarities and attractions of the city it was necessary to buy a ticket for the train or plane, today enough to have a computer at hand to travel to different areas. Kalinin prospect, like some other sites of the city illuminated the webcam stream is served to the Internet absolutely free, you just need the desire and a little free time. Progress has leaped forward, appeared on the market the web camera, transmitting not only the picture but also the sound of one of these installed here. The webcam works in real time, and stream is available round the clock. You can see how the city looks by day and how to change his appearance after nightfall. If you have spare time, you should spend it traveling through the cities of Russia, especially since today you do not need to spend money to buy tickets.

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