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Lenin square in Tver does not apply to large areas intended for large public events. its architecture speaks for itself, at first glance it becomes clear that the area of the square designed for walking, and she goes as an addition to the monument established there. To make sure says you can activate the online broadcast from Webcams installed in the city and directed to the office area. The device was placed in this direction to be able to consider not only the local area and at home, but the details of the location of the front gardens, footpaths. If you look closely you will see the Parking for cars, the web camera will be the perfect tool to monitor the integrity of the machine during the absence of the motorist. The device works round the clock in real time, except the image, the user can activate the sound, then he will still hear what is happening at the facility. After sunset it is difficult to understand in detail what is happening in the area. There are no concentrated sources of light, which greatly complicates the shooting at night.

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