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The city of Yakutsk became famous throughout the country for its deposits of diamonds, there is probably a user who wouldn't want to see how the city looks in real time, what his infrastructure, the architecture of the buildings. This completely free opportunity provided Internet and web camera, which today are installed in cities in large quantities. Presented on this page to stream out on the Area of Ordzhonikidze, it delivers high quality and quite a contrasting picture to consider the object in detail. The webcam works without ceasing, but the stream is only available to users of a network online. No geographical restrictions video runs equally well in any continent, the main condition – the quality of the connection. On the main plan in the frame of the square itself and the surrounding buildings, it's a bit unusual for modern cities buildings. Which represent a single entity, but from I can recall the barracks. No frills, buildings great to explore with this camera angle, she's closer to him, and is not at high altitude. The usual red brick, slate roof won't talk to the users about the purpose of the construction, but through the camera he has the opportunity to learn about the weather conditions in the city, not least those who do not trust the forecasts and is going to visit in Yakutsk. A web camera can be a big help if the area is spending time with your child, he will in any case be in the picture, and you will have the opportunity to observe what he does.

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