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Webcam of Lenin Avenue in the city Yakutsk Russia is a great opportunity to look at the widest areas in the world . Almost everyone knows that the weather here can reach a figure of minus fifty degrees, which is simply enormous and it’s hard to believe that people can live in such a place. But do not rush to conclusions, as the camera is located right in the center of the city and makes it possible to carefully observe how people spend their time here. You will be surprised, but life is no different, and citizens quietly walk the streets, drive cars and rush about their business. They seem to overlook the critical frosts and continue to live actively.

The webcam of Lenin Avenue in Yakutsk Russia is installed directly opposite a large crossroads where a large number of people and drives a lot of cars. The atmosphere is reinforced by a slight haze in the chamber, which arises due to the low temperature, and looking at people who are sometimes lightly dressed becomes a little uneasy, but nevertheless, you can watch all this activity and get maximum pleasure. You just need to choose the right time and it's nice to spend it.

The webcam of Lenin Avenue in the city of Yakutsk Russia provides an opportunity not only to be on the edge of the world, but also to look at the fact that there are no obstacles for a Russian person. It is enough just to carefully observe the whole environment, and you immediately feel the atmosphere, which is rarely even where you can find. Enjoy your viewing and have a good mood!

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