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It is difficult to remember the city, which would not have been the Central square of the same name, these objects are spread across all medium, large and even large cities of Russia and abroad. This object is vital city, its territory is organized so that people can feel comfortable there. Central Lenin square in Yakutsk city centre is an ideal and spacious place for holding mass events. It is equipped with benches, green areas, flowerbeds and a large outdoor space where you can easily set the scene. The main attraction of this urban object is a statue of Lenin, hence the name. It is Central in the frame translation supplied from there to the real-time clock with an installed webcam. The device was brought in front of the monument in coordination with the city administration, a position he was picked in such a way that network users can obtain more useful information about the object. Webcam working around the clock, and is accessed in the same mode, video preview absolutely free, no matter in which country of the world the user lives. Besides the monument in the picture you can see the buildings of an entire block behind, is not only square-shaped high-rise buildings, but also shops at the bottom and even a small part of the road. In form and size within the frame of the buildings is not difficult to guess that they have a special significance for the city. In addition, the webcam can help you to see the weather in the city in real-time, operational information in a network just yet.

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