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Donetsk airport during the conflict were not working, people could not come and could not see what was happening on his territory, but even after the peace, most people are afraid to use air travel and tries to travel by car. Once a beautiful new airport today in ruins, here come the people who are just curious, those who still have something to take away, everyone else is trying to avoid walking in that direction based on object security, so that people could see what has become of the airport, there was a webcam, it does not cover the entire territory of the object, but gives a qualitative view of the airport. If you look closely, the object is fully destroyed and cannot be repaired, there are only some buildings where still it is dangerous, therefore, the authorities of Donetsk and don't recommend to go to the airport, enough to see the video broadcast. The installed webcam is working around the clock, she focused on the main part of the object that was previously occupied by the terminal and runway, to the user, what is the area of the object. The device provides timely information online, you can never go wrong, if you keep the picture with the web camera in my bookmarks.

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